#8 Proactive Procrastination

I have fallen in love with King and Country  – Discovered this on Facebook and have had it on repeat the last few days!!!  – Loving their Christmas Album


I jump straight into Social Media and how i get frustrated when i hear business owners say ” Social Media doesnt work” I share my thoughts – Could be classed as a small rant.

Proactive Procrastination – What is it and how to utilise it to the best of your Ability!  Then we Smash through the idea of the ‘Courage to commit’

The end of an era – The end of School for the Teen EEK –

AND how you can be more like a REBEL in everyday life. The days are nearly OVER for joining the Rebels Mastermind. Its time to get sorted for 2018 – Learn how to understand your customer journey to help you with sales online – Plus Lots more

Monday Session is Now SOLD OUT – So book into Tuesday. 


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