4 Things You Need To Know About Facebook Messenger Ads

Who would have thought it possible that in the span of just a few years, more people would be using messenger services now than the social media platforms that host them? It’s true. In April of this year, it was determined that Facebook Messenger alone has roughly a billion users – one seventh of the planet’s entire human population!

With this in mind, marketers have begun to utilise Messenger as an efficient, cost-effective way to reach potential clients and get access to crucial customer metrics.

Here’s a short review of four things about Facebook Messenger Ads.

Precise Targeting

They’ll enable precise targeting of customers according to a wide range of criteria, even down to customer behavior. Facebook Messenger ads will allow your business to select a specific audience to reach, based on all the metrics Facebook can legally provide. That means you can choose to create a fun, interactive program for your more adventurous clientele and a more toned-down version for your more conservative audience. This way you ensure that your ads are more effective, since they don’t reach audiences that may find them irrelevant.

What’s really exciting is the Retargeting feature, though. With it, you can select potential customers who have seen your business, but may need a little push to avail of your services. These are the people who have clicked on your ads in the past but did not convert. You can drum up a whole new way of reaching out to them, testing many methods until you find what works for you and your market.

They’ll give you access to a cold market – the right way

A lot of people may have heard of your business before, but there’s always those who have yet to know what you can offer them. Facebook Messenger ads can send feelers out for potential clients who may be interested in what your business offers if only they knew what it was, and send them a gentle nudge. Done right, the people who find you through these ads can be instant conversions. At the very least, you are growing awareness of your business right where it’s needed the most.

Gather information for your business

You’ll be able to have meaningful conversations with your customers. You can set ads that look and feel like regular Facebook ads, but once clicked, they open in Facebook messenger. Here, you have the option to either give them a link or a photo, or you can initiate a conversation with them.

This is great for gathering information relevant to your business. If you offer mobile pet grooming services, for example, you can ask, “what do you find most difficult about grooming your long-haired cat?” and place it in an ad that only appears to people within a certain geographic area. Not only will you likely receive heaps of replies, you’ll also learn about what service you can promote more that may get you more sales. Not only that, but you’ll be able to make sure that it’s location relevant, too.

Capture the attention of more people on mobile

Geared towards reaching people on the go, Facebook Messenger ads are easy to manage for the marketer, and easy to consume for the customer. They stay in a person’s inbox for a while, they send notifications to people who have opted in to be reminded of any ongoing conversation that has been started.

You don’t come off too strong – but rather as a fun acquaintance who sends them useful reminders from time to time.

This new method in customer communications is opening new virtual doors and has the potential to change the way you use social media to market.

What do you think Facebook Messenger Ads mean for you and your business?

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