15 Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


I share my new eating plan and how i have noticed the changes.  Also jump in and share what BIG project i am jumping into. – We discuss the pros and cons of the project.

The tiny house idea has NOT gone away. I think i am more determined than ever to do it.

I have talked to many in the tiny house community and asked them the pros and cons of building your own THOW. (Tiny house on wheels) and the buggers gave me pretty much nothing to sink my teeth into when it comes with the negatives.

There are many builders now who are jumping on the band wagon selling tiny homes with all the latest mod cons – now for a little while this really stumped me. I certainly didn’t want to spend $120k on a tiny house.

I researched them and they lead me down a path of confusion. These Tupperware boxes with all there mod cons – just isn’t my idea of a creative space. These will appeal to many but for me the whole point is to be creative in the way i build it and in the way i source alternative items to furnish the inside.

As long as you have a sound trailer (foundations are upmost importance) and and high quality walls and ceiling everything inside can be a missmash of adventure.

I have seen houses that have been built less than 30k in NZ and with the trailer at a cost of 10k the price can certainly be up there.

A lot of time is spent on trade me sourcing the things you want, scrimping on cost as much as you can – isn’t this part of the adventure.

I will of course be having someone on hand to work the project for me, but i am going to be calling on all my loved ones and friends to chip in. A community project as you will. To help me build a better future for myself.

So exciting times are ahead. We should start the project in the later half of the year as i have a lot on the first half of the year but by that time i will have the finances all in place also.

I’m looking forward to this new project which is going to be a monster of a job!

To be honest I’m really scared to undertake a huge project on my own. i know nothing about building and there might be a possibility that no one would help me.. eek…. that could be embarrassing.

The possibilities excite me though – could i travel around the country in the house?

Ill keep you updated – OH and i think I have finally settled on a design i like! Which could be the hardest thing to decide as there are so many options.

Ill tell you more next time.


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