023 North Island trip

The motto of Viva Expeditions is how i plan to live 2017  – Don’t just dream it… LIVE IT.

This trip is about letting go and just DOING IT!   Stop with the excuses and start pushing your boundaries and accept the uncomfortable.  Otherwise we shy away from life and years go past and we stand still.  Nothing happens and dreams pass us by.

Yes I am Scared,  Im worried i will get lost,  car will break down but i know there is always a silver lining in everything i do so its time i just leap and see where i fall.


Check out the wonderful tours from VIVA – entertain the idea of possibilities. Becuase one thing i have learnt over the last two years life is about experiences. It is the things you do and the adventures you have that give you a glorious and funfilled life.



VIVA Expeditions

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