016 Self Worth

If we don’t know our worth, we will spend our lives trying to prove we are “good enough.” 

“Self-worth” is defined in the dictionary as: “the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person.” 

Ones own Value.  Interesting. So many of us are looking for our worth in others. Looking for validation from our peers that we are enough. 

Most of the time the person we are wanting validation from is looking for their own validating worth. So unless you stop the cycle you will always be searching. 

This topic has come up alot for me in the past and recently with my clients.  clients are looking at me to tell them they are good enough in the job that they do,  jobs they trained for, for years .  It has really come to fascinate me. One of my clients is pretesgious,  unlimited awards in breakthrough science and her he is looking for me to say ” You are worth enough”  When i am possible thinking WOW i hope he thinks i am good enough.

We laughed over this at lunch about no matter how far along we are in our careers we have moments of utter despair and doubt. 

To be human is to second guess yourself. You dont get good until you go through all the emotions. Everyone has to train themselves in everything you do. No one is good at the beginning. 

You have to work at it. 
So stop looking at others to tell you what you are worth.  Only you can do that. And i know in the beginning in business there are so many factors

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