012 I can wear what i want. Interview with Monique Doy

This episode i invite Monique Doy from Dressing up to talk to us about how to feel comfortable wearing the clothes you love.  As women,  especially larger women (Oh how i dislike that term) we struggle to buy clothes,  as Monique says it becomes less about fashion and more about fit!

Moniques business started with just her love of Fashion.  A Blog was created and now she is a very successful stylist who travels around New Zealand styling women who are 14+

Last year had her open up her own line called Dressing Room where she makes signature pieces. Clothes that she loves and knows her audience will love as well.

‘Legacy pieces’ i would call them because they make a statement – Pieces that have become weaved into some peoples personal and business brand.

We dive into a few tough subjects about how we as women cover up ourselves so we are not seen. Something i also do.

Monique shares some amazing tips on how to shop and ways to make it more experimental and less about fit-

We discuss how her e-book has been changing lifes – Download it HERE 

This book will help you to –

  • Organise your wardrobe like a pro
  • Never say ‘I have nothing to wear!’ again
  • Gain confidence in your body and your personal style
  • Get the Wardrobe you want for the budget you have
  • Look at the clothes you already own in a whole new way
  • Use over 20 pages of printable worksheets ensure that you put your style plan into action!

Jump in and listen to this great episode – You wont want to miss it !!

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